Women's Leadership Network


Supporting female teachers to achieve and excel in leadership roles.


This free programme for female leaders builds on the success of our two-year funded women’s leadership programmes from 2016 to 2018.

Both participants and schools were keen for the programme to continue beyond its funded lifetime; thanks to their support, we have been able to create an extension programme both for alumni of previous programmes and women currently seeking support in developing their confidence and skills for school leadership.

As in previous years, the programme will be structured to be responsive to the baseline and developing professional learning needs of participants in a supportive environment that fosters peer-to-peer learning and network building. Prioritising past and current female school leaders designing and delivering sessions, the programme aims to provide participants with not just helpful advice and knowledge, but inspiring role models and a network to draw on in the future.

Programme leads:
Nicola Noble
Nicola Noble
Co-head, Surrey Square Primary School
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