Supporting pupils with SEN in Mainstream Schools


A sustained programme of facilitated sessions and follow-on coaching to support SENDCos, Inclusion Leads and Senior Leaders to understand and implement the evidence from the EEF’s SEN in Mainstream Schools Guidance Report.

The programme is based on one originally developed by Southampton Inclusion Service and HISP Research School. It is being further developed and delivered in partnership with Whole School SEND, the EEF Research Schools Network and South-East South London Teaching Schools Hubs

What’s the purpose of the programme?

We know that the numbers of pupils with a diagnosed learning need are rising. We also know that the attainment gap for these pupils is wider than for disadvantaged pupils. It is vital, therefore, that teachers and school leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet pupil needs and promote more equitable outcomes.  

This two-year programme supports SENDCOs, Inclusion Leads and Senior Leaders to explore and understand the evidence from the EEF SEND in Mainstream Schools Guidance Report and to implement change in their settings.  

Six facilitated sessions in Year 1 are followed by coaching support in Year 2, alongside the establishment of networks of support between schools.

Core modules Include:

·        Creating a positive and supportive environment for all pupils

·        Building an ongoing understanding of pupils’ needs

·        Ensuring all pupils have access to high quality teaching

·        Complementing high quality teaching with interventions

·        Working effectively with teaching assistants

·        Implementing strategic improvement for SEND

Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for the benefit of SENDCos, Inclusion Leads and Senior Leaders.

Programme leads:
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Upcoming sessions

The programme is currently under development and specific details may change. For further information or to register your interest, please contact London South Teaching School Hub, or use the form below.

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